LALYs 2020 finalists announced

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LALYs 2020 finalists announced

Pic: LALYs 2019

Congratulations to those shortlisted for this year’s Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards including the housing lawyer Simon Mullings, Siobhan Taylor Wood of Merseyside Law Centre (both Justice Gap contributors) and the prison lawyer Dean Kingham.

The winners will be announced on 7 July 2020, at a virtual awards ceremony. ‘Everyone in Team LALY is excited at the prospect of making LALY20 our most inclusive yet,’ says Chris Minnoch, chief exec of the Legal Aid Practitioners Group. ‘Social distancing rules mean we can’t gather in person this year, but an online event gives us the chance to open the festivities more widely. The LALY20 ceremony may be virtual, but the celebrations and the LALY spirit will be as real and palpable as ever.’

‘We are recognising the lawyers who are working to protect the rights of prisoners charged with the most serious offences; of children at risk of FGM; of families living in unsafe, unsuitable homes; and much more,’ said Minnoch.


1. Mental Capacity

  • Sheree Green – Greenchurch Legal
  • Katy Moulton – Irwin Mitchell
  • Hazel Montgomery – Cartwright King

2. Criminal Defence

  • Katy Hanson – Welch & Co Antonia
  • Kim Charles – MTC Solicitors
  • Philippa Southwell – Birds Solicitors

3. Family

  • Kate Hammond – Miles & Partners
  • Juanita Kareer – Wilson Solicitors
  • Krina Parmar – Duncan Lewis

4. Immigration & Asylum

  • Julian Bild – ATLEU
  • Nicola Burgess – JCWI
  • Tori Sicher – Sutovic Hartigan Solicitors

5. Legal Aid Barrister

  • Charlotte Bayati – Goldsmith Chambers
  • Richard Davenport – Citadel Chambers
  • James Stark – Garden Court North

6. Legal Aid Team

  • Duncan Lewis Solicitors, Public Law team (Harrow)
  • JCWI
  • Community Law Partnership Travellers Advice Team

7. Legal Aid Firm/NfP

  • South West London Law Centre
  • Simpson Millar Cartwright King Solicitors

8. Regional Legal Aid Firm/NfP

  • KRW Law
  • Turpin Miller
  • Ison Harrison

9. Legal Aid Newcomer

  • Arfan Bhatti – Oliver Fisher
  • Miranda Butler – Garden Court Chambers
  • Daniel Cooper – Imran Khan & Partners
  • Siobhan Taylor-Ward – Merseyside Law Centre

10. Public Law

  • Bahar Ata – Duncan Lewis
  • Dean Kingham – Swain & Co
  • Zareena Mustafa – Tuckers

11. Social Welfare

  • Martin Bridger – Instalaw Solicitors
  • Simon Mullings – Edwards Duthie Shamash
  • Mike Norman – Bristol Law Centre

12. Outstanding Achievement

  • No shortlist for this award