May 11 2022

Paddy Hill: ‘The police have had it their own way for too long’

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Paddy Hill: ‘The police have had it their own way for too long’

Paddy Hill

INTERVIEW: ‘We want to show the people of this country just how rotten, evil, corrupt and perverted the judicial system is in this country,’ says Paddy Hill when I caught up with him after last week’s Grayling Day demo. ‘We’re now seeing what happened with Stephen Lawrence, but this is nothing new. The police in this country have had it their own way for too long.’

Paddy Hill 3

Paddy Hill with Mary-Rachel McCabe

Hill , one of the Birmingham Six, recently joined forces with the families of some of the victims of the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings to launch an online petition, with the aim of pressurising the government into setting up a public inquiry into the atrocity. Devices were placed in two central Birmingham pubs in November 1974, killing 21 people and injuring 182. On March 14, 1991 Paddy Hill – together with Hugh Callaghan, Richard McIlkenny, Gerry Hunter, Billy Power and Johnny Walker – had their convictions for the bombings overturned after some 16 years in prison.

The Justice4the21 campaign is a ‘quest for the truth’ that was started by Brian and Julie Hambleton, whose sister Maxine was one of the 21 people killed in the bomb. ‘They’ve been a thorn in the side of the Birmingham police for a number of years and they’ve realised that we were innocent and all the police have done is tell them lies for 40 years,’ says Hill.

The Hambletons have been persistently asking the Birmingham police for documentation and the answers to questions in relation to the bombings but the police have refused to give them any information, according to Hill.

‘They’re not getting any copies of documentation because it’s all marked “secret”,’ he says. ‘I don’t know what’s secret about it – the only thing that’s secret is the dirty dealing between the government, the police and the judiciary.’

The Hambletons first came face-to-face with Hill in a BBC documentary ‘Who murdered Maxine’, which aired last November. Julie Hambleton told the JusticeGap that meeting Hill ‘was the most traumatic event in our lives to date’.

Was it the same for Hill?

‘Not for me, no,’ he says. ‘Because Billy Power [another one of the Birmingham Six] and I – shortly after we got out – went to Birmingham and appeared on the local Friday night TV show. I met some of the victims then.’

How does Hill think the families reacted to meeting him?

‘I think they were more apprehensive because… I understand their feelings towards me and the others. They’re feelings which they’ve had since the bombings. Since our names appeared on the television. And the police have brainwashed them into hating us. We’d been their figures of hate for 16 and a half years. And then suddenly they find out – “hang on, these guys didn’t do it”. So I think they were a bit more apprehensive at meeting me. But it went very well with them.’

Before meeting Hill, Brian and Julie Hambleton had already set up a petition in the hope of collecting 100,000 signatures for their campaign to prompt a debate in Parliament.

However, their petition expired in January, after having gathered only a tenth of the required signatures. ‘I must say, I was disgusted that the people of Birmingham didn’t join up to get this,’ says Hill. ‘There’s more than 100,000 Irish people in Birmingham alone and I thought they would’ve wished to get to the truth. But apparently it doesn’t seem like that.’

 Hill’s new petition was launched earlier this year. ‘I’ve set it up, and I’ll get the people of the country,’ he says.

‘It took us 40 years to get the truth about Bloody Sunday. It took us 26 years to get the truth about Hillsborough. And it’s 40 years this year since the Birmingham pub bombings. So hopefully – if I get 100,000 signatures – then maybe we’ll get a public inquiry.’

Why is it so important to Hill to get a public inquiry into the bombings?

‘The only way to stop miscarriages of justice, is to start sending dirty, rotten, corrupt police officers to prison because up until now not one – not one cop – has stood in a court for trial, and been sentenced for corruption.’

Hill continues: ‘There have been over 200 high-profile [corruption] cases in the last 20 years but not one cop has stood in the dock. They cover up the truth. There’s one law for us and there’s another law for the police.’

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5 responses to “Paddy Hill: ‘The police have had it their own way for too long’”

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  2. Mark Brennan says:

    I believe that I know who carried out the Birmingham pub bombings. I believe that it was the responsibility of one Person: a rogue IRA quartermaster who was living in Birmingham.
    I’d be happy to talk to anyone who is interested, about what I know about this atrocity. It may be that the police are not interested in solving this crime because the perpetrator was heavily involved with the freemasons in the region!

  3. Ian Cassidy says:

    I stumbled on bham bombs being work of a rogue element also. I wrote about it in my book Until You Get Caught. Found it difficult to stir up any interest. Available here http://www.amazon.co.uk/until-you-get-caught-cassidy-ebook/dp/B00MMQNAYS

  4. Martyn Higgins says:

    I was very close to being involved in the Birmingham Pub Bombings of 1974.

    And I too was totally convinced and “Brainwashed” into thinking that the “Whiter than White West Midlands Police” had got the guilty people …and that the Birmingham Six had somehow managed to get themselves free on a mere technicality..!

    Just like the majority of people I very naively believed the police were 100% Truthful and worked perfectly to the Rules….this was however until I too had a terrible experience with that particular force involving huge mistakes, blunders and blatant LIES to “try” to cover up certain officers who by using their “Own” unorthodox methods inevitably got them into very serious trouble with their superiors:

    I purchased a classic Rolls Royce motor car for my Chauffeuring Business from a man near Manchester …and Crucially got a Written Out and Signed Receipt of Sale for the transaction.

    However completely unbeknown to me the following day the mans interfering sister was not happy with the deal and took it on herself to try to get the car reported as “Stolen”

    After mentioning the Written Out and Signed Receipt of Sale to officers at her local station they just “Laughed” at her and told her that the deal was clearly Bona-Fide..!

    However some time later she managed to go to another station to again report the car as stolen…but this time “Crucially” completely omitting to tell them about the signed Receipt of Sale….this time the police did record it has being stolen..!!

    In the meantime I swapped the car for another much more modern Rolls Royce from a man who drove up to me in the Midlands from London.

    Again we did the deal with a Written Out and Signed Receipt of Sale had by both of us to prove it was a Bona-Fide transaction.

    Unfortunately on his way home to London via the motorway the classic Rolls Royce developed an overheating problem when a radiator hose split and leaked water everywhere.

    But instead of stopping the foolish man continued to drive the car until it finally broke down in the middle of the carriageway and when the motorway police arrived they informed him that there was a stolen record on the car.

    So instead of being Honest and telling the police that he had just done a Bona-Fide deal on it and had a Signed Receipt of Sale …he chose to Fabricate a Complete Pack of Lies about how I had just driven off in his old car..!

    The following week I was driving my newly acquired Rolls Royce and actually overtook a police car on a dual carriageway without any thought or hesitation whatsoever.

    However within seconds I was stopped and swiftly hand-cuffed and arrested along with my 16 year old son who happened to be with me at the time.

    We were both locked up in separate cells for many hours until being finally interviewed about it all.

    My biggest concern after that of my sons welfare was the safety, security and whereabouts of my very valuable vehicle which the police had taken from me. I also told them that they were being Lied to and there was plenty of proof with 2 separate Written Out and Signed Receipts of Sale to prove all of this..!

    I was told that my car would be safe and secure in their Police Compound until the whole matter was resolved and that I was to be bailed until 6 weeks later.

    When I returned for my re-bail the very first thing I asked about was my car …and once again I was told that it was “Safe and Secure” in their compound.

    However in reality the car had been given back to the PREVIOUS OWNER who then swiftly sold it on at a fraction of its worth to a dealer.

    The police had obviously NOT believed what I had been telling them and took it on themselves to WRONGLY give the car away…and were now completely Powerless to get it back from the dealer who had apparently bought it in good faith..!

    After many months spent on this case the police eventually decided to charge me in the Magistrates Court.

    However because of my 100% Total Innocence in all of this that I had said from Day One I chose to have the case heard in Crown Court….and within 48 Hours of this decision the Londoner Retracted his deceitful statement and I was duly ACQUITTED…!!!

    However despite a full investigation into this completely Debacle proving police Inefficiencies and Total Incompetence neither the woman in Manchester nor the Londoner have been done for wasting police time and Lying….

    …and also I have never received a single penny of compensation for not only they high value of my Rolls Royce motor car but also my loss of earnings of between £500 and £1,000 per week in my chauffeur business….

    and they still refuse to do any of this to this very day…..!!!

  5. Martyn Higgins says:


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