All you need for Xmas is Proof

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All you need for Xmas is Proof

All you need for Xmas is Proof

The second issue of Proof magazine is out on January 9, 2017 – however if you order before Tuesday December 20, we can send the magazine hot off the presses in time for Christmas. Hidden: the limits of open justice features new articles from Bob Woffinden, David James Smith, David Rose, Eric Allison, Ian Cobain, Louise Shorter and others. It includes a photo-essay by Andy Aitchison,a photographer who has been working prisons for 13 years, as well as the Open Justice Charter drafted by the Centre for Criminal Appeals’ founder Emily Bolton. The magazine is published by the Justice Gap, 96 pages and is £10. If you buy issues 1 and 2, for a short time it is £15.





The dark corners of our justice system: Eric Allison 

What are they hiding?  Alex Cavendish

Can art transcend prison’s grim reality? Andrew Neilson 

Unlocking detention: Eiri Ohtani 

Why doesn’t the Home Office allow MPs into Yarl’s Wood? Catherine West

Hidden: Photo-essay by Andrew Aitchison

Drawing the line: Isobel Williams



Spooking justice: David Rose 

The secret trial of Erol Incedal: Ian Cobain 

Open justice? You will have to find us first: Phil Chamberlain 

‘There is a tragic lack of humility in our justice system’: Jon Robins meets Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, the unlikely lawyer-heroes of the Netflix hit Making a Murderer 

Open Justice Charter

Unmaking a murderer: Sophie Walker

Catch 22: Dennis Eady

Justice must be seen to be done: Judith Townend

Drawing the line: Isobel Williams





Truth and justice: David James Smith

 The other side of the camera: Louise Shorter 

Living with the enemy: Jon Robins interviews Duncan Campbell 

Where did everyone go? Bob Woffinden

The case of the disappearing court reporter: Brian Thornton


We are very grateful to the following for their generous support. Proof magazine, issues 1 and 2 have been sponsored by Cardiff Law School’s Innocence Project.They were produced with the Winchester University’s crime and justice research centre. Thanks to QualitySolicitors Jordan, Hodge Jones & Allen, Bowden Jones and Black Letter Law.