January 21 2022

Harvey Proctor says Operation Midland review destined to be ‘a brilliant whitewash’

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Harvey Proctor says Operation Midland review destined to be ‘a brilliant whitewash’

Sketch by Isobel Williams from Proof magazine, issue 1


Sketch by Isobel Williams from Proof magazine

Sketch by Isobel Williams from Proof magazine

Harvey Proctor has refused to give evidence to the judge-led review of the handling of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation of historic allegations of sexual abuse against public figures and accused it of being ‘a cover up’.

In February Scotland Yard appointed retired judge Sir Richard Henriques to head up an inquiry following criticism of the Met’s conduct of Operation Midland, the troubled investigation that focused on the activities of prominent figures from the worlds of politics, military and law enforcement at the Dolphin Square estate in Pimlico, south-west London.

The former Tory MP, who claimed that he was the victim of a ‘homosexual witch hunt’, has written to Sir Richard’s lawyer saying: ‘You are participating in a secret inquiry which is a cover-up and destined to become a ‘brilliant’ whitewash.’

In August last year Proctor, who has been arrested twice, called a press conference at which he catalogued claims made by the anonymous ‘Nick’.

‘Anonymity is given to anyone prepared to make untruthful accusations of child sexual abuse whilst the accused are routinely fingered publicly without any credible evidence first being found,’ said Proctor. ‘This is not justice. It is an abuse of power.’

Proctor, a Tory MP from 1979 to 1987 for the Essex constituencies of Basildon and then Billericay, named eight high profile figures who featured in Nick’s claims – including, the late Conservative politician Leon Brittan, former heads of MI5 and MI6 chief, ex armed forces chief Lord Bramall and the late PM Ted Heath – linked to the investigation. He repeated one particularly lurid allegation in which it was claimed that ex PM Heath stopped Proctor from castrating Nick with a penknife.

Proctor takes issue with the claims to independence of the Henriques review. He argues that Sir Richard was appointed by the Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe ‘who is in charge of the organisation that Sir Richard seeks to investigate’.  ‘Sir Richard is to report his findings secretly and directly to Sir Bernard who has already announced it will remain private other than for what Sir Bernard wishes himself to be made public,’ Proctor writes. ‘It is effectively a private and secret inquiry set up by Sir Bernard himself.’ 

‘Sir Bernard is a prime mover and architect in why Operation Midland was a flawed investigation. You have been asked to investigate its shortcomings by the person who should be the focus of your investigation.’
Harvey Proctor

Proctor also claims Sir Richard was the author of ‘a flawed and disputed report’ into allegations against the late Lord Greville Janner, also investigated under Operation Midland. It has been reported that the Janner’s family is also refusing to co-operate with the Henriques review.

2 responses to “Harvey Proctor says Operation Midland review destined to be ‘a brilliant whitewash’”

  1. john timbrell says:

    Bluntly, moaning about the situation will not change anything.Something needs to be done to expose the corruption that allows our laws to be ignored.There is a way.
    In the run up to the referendum the publics attention is focussed on the problem whether to vote leave or remain.
    What no one in the public arena will discuss is the fact stated in a letter to prime minister Edward Heath, written by the top law officer at the time, The Lord Chancellor, Lord Kilmuir.
    The letter quite clearly states with reasoned argument that signing the treaty of Rome which took us into the common market would be illegal.
    The letter can be read here on the government’s own petitions site.


    Why this should be of concern to your organisation has nothing to do with the in or out vote, it is the importance of followinhg the rule of law.
    Without going into why Heath illegaly signed the treaty your organisation exists to promote truth and justice. If the fact that we are in the EU illegally then people will start to ask how and why. The mechanics of corruption that allows these enquiries that hide what they purport to expose will be placed in the public’s mind.

  2. UK PEOPLE says:

    URGENT PRESS RELEASE FOR BOB AND MARY JACKSON – 10 May 2016 at 12:40 midday

    10th May 2016 – Middle aged couple Bob and Mary Jackson brutally arrested with their daughter in their own family home as trespassers. The police was asked to investigate the suspicious papers received by the couple but it seems that no investigation was arranged. Instead than investigating the serious scam as reported by the Jackson’s family today more than 20 policemen forced their entry and arrested the family, allegedly the victims of Fraud on the Court aiding the alleged criminals behind the scam to get a criminal entry and unlawful possession of the family’s home. Only few weeks ago’, in April 2015 the couple appeared on BBC main News as the victims of bogus documents purporting to be produced by the County Court at Luton.

    The question is, why is the police arresting the couple who reported the scam and asked for help?


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