May 21 2024
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Looking for PROOF? New magazine shining a light on a broken justice system

Looking for PROOF? New magazine shining a light on a broken justice system

A new issue of the Justice Gap magazine PROOF is out on Monday shining a light on our broken criminal appeals system. PROOF issue 6 features a series of long read articles on a number of shocking and unresolved cases including the Birmingham Four, the Manchester 10, Oliver Campbell and Jason Moore.

The issue features an interview with Andrew Malkinson by the Guardian’s Emily Dugan. He talks about life since his conviction was quashed last summer.  ‘It’s a tough time because there’s so much uncertainty,’ he said. ‘I’m living in a tent, I’m living on benefits. I want some resolution.’

The theme of the issue, sponsored by the Future Justice Project, is ‘The Other Ones’ – a reference of the T-shirt worn by Malkinson as he stepped outside the Royal Courts of Justice as a newly exonerated man. It read: ‘Innocent and not the only one.’ The issue features contributions from leading journalists including David Jessel, the former presenter of the BBC’s Rough Justice, as well as academics, activists and lawyers. Winston Trew of the Oval Four – who had his conviction overturned in 2019 – writes about the racist police officer who fitted him up more than 50 years ago.

PROOF #6 focuses on racism in the justice system – in particular, joint enterprise, the use of Drill music in our courts as evidence of gang membership as well as the racist origin story of majority verdicts – full contents below.   

Deborah Coles talks to Sam Dulieu about 40 years of INQUEST. David James Smith reflect on the legacy of the Jamie Bulger case three decades after his brutal killing.

‘For those of us concerned about the efficacy of our criminal justice system, we are at a crucial moment – there’s the ongoing Law Commission review of the criminal appeals system, plus two reviews of the miscarriage of justice watchdog in response to serial failures made in relation to Andrew Malkinson’s wrongful conviction,’ commented Barry Sheerman MP and Glyn Maddocks KC, co-directors of the Future Justice Project. ‘We are grateful to Mr Malkinson for using his own traumatic experience in such a selfless way so as to shine a light on others trapped in a justice system that too often bends over backwards to ignore its own errors. If you want to understand their experience, we invite you to take a look at PROOF magazine.’ 

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  • Thanks to the Future Justice Project (sponsor). We are also grateful to Simpson Thacher Bartlett, Garden Court and APPEAL for their support
  • Full list of contributors and contents below




112 pages

Series editor: Jon Robins

Issue editors: Samantha Dulieu and Jon Robins

Assistant editor: Jack Sheard

Art director: Carolina Semprucci

Illustrations: Isobel Williams

Photographer: Andy Aitchison

Publisher: Justice Gap



Part 1: System Error

  • David Jessel on the media and miscarriages
  • Lambros Fatsis & Adèle Oliver on the criminalisation of UK drill
  • Nisha Waller on majority verdicts, wrongful convictions, and racial injustice
  • Winston Trew of the Oval 4 on the corrupt police officer who fitted him up
  • Jon Robins reporting on a roundtable event involving the people who campaigned for or worked for the world’s first ever miscarriage of justice watchdog
  • Matt Foot, co-director of APPEAL, on the Sam Hallam case and the scandal of miscarriage justice compensation


Part 2: ‘The other ones’

  • Emily Dugan on Andrew Makinson
  • Jon Robins and Abdallah Bakarat on the Birmingham 4
  • Charles Thomson on Jason Moore
  • Fran Robertson on Manchester 10
  • Nicholas Reed Langen on Oliver Campbell


Part 3: Closing remarks

  • Anton Califano on 10 years of JENGbA:
  • Andy Aitchison on the scandal of IPPs
  • Sam Dulieu on prisoner art and Koestler awards
  • Sam Dulieu talks to Deborah Coles on 40 years of INQUEST
  • David James Smith revisits the Jamie Bulger case 30 years after the murder
  • Matt Foot remembers Sue Caddick, Eddie Gilfoyle’s sister