Nowadays we live in a society that means you can become a victim of a lawsuit at any second, with so many new lawsuits being filed every day in the current legal climate it can only be beneficial to know why you might need a lawyer to represent you at some point.

In 2014 some important statistics have come to light about how in demand lawyers are and why people tend to use them, one of the most intriguing statistics is that less that one in ten people who require legal advice actually seek any. If you are interested in knowing who needs a lawyer and in what situations it is important to have legal representation then see the infographic below.

This infographic has been provided by Redbrick Solutions, a company that provides legal software for law firms to assist them in their operations. The different types of software include; probate software, conveyancing software and their legal accounting software known as Business Intelligence. Established in 2001, they have provided technology solutions to law firms for over a decade, to find out more about legal software and what it might offer you then visit their website to find out more.



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