'Closing the blinds on mediocrity’ from billaday, Flickr, creative comms

‘Closing the blinds on mediocrity’ from billaday, Flickr, creative comms

Almost three quarters of crime victims are unhappy with the way they have been treated by justice agencies, according to a report issued by the office of the victim commissioner Baroness Helen Newlove yesterday.

The report is based on the accounts of over 200 victims of crime. The vast majority of respondents were unhappy with the quality of responses to their requests for help and information. And nearly half said they found the relevant agency’s complaints procedure difficult to use.

One respondent claimed their experience of the service was ‘almost worse than the actual journey of being a victim’.

Launching the report, Baroness Newlove said there was an absence of compassion, patience and empathy in the system.

In an attempt to address the problem the Baroness has set out a list of what she describes as clear standards ranging from direct help with the complaints procedure to much clearer written information for victims.

But the government has claimed it is already acting to improve the system.

Victim’s Minister Mike Penning said in a statement today: ‘I welcome Baroness Newlove’s dedication and hard work supporting my goal to make the system better for victims. She recommends many sensible new standards in this important report, which I will carefully consider,’ he added.

Author: Amy Best

Winchester university journalism student. JusticeGap news reporter

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  • Robert James Lee February 6, 2015 5:28 am

    Mike Penning is a fraudster, if you are Gay that is. By his own admission he is very strongly against Equal Gay Rights and voted strongly against Gay Marriage ! So it is no wonder then that he ignores the plight of myself and my partner of the last 35 years as we are two elderly homosexuals, now represented in government by our own Gay MP Conor Burns, that must really get up Penning’s nose. In September 2014 our MP wrote to Mike Penning about very serious problems we are having as VICTIMS. Our MP tabled a written question on 5th January 2015 asking why Penning has not responded to his correspondence for which our MP has a receipt from the Home Office. Penning denies receiving that correspondence and in his written response which can be seen on the following link, Penning asks for the correspondence to be sent to him again and promises to respond within the required timeframe. That timeframe has now been exceeded by a full week and still Penning is ignoring our MP. Unfortunately as you will see from links on the following link, Gay victims are totally ignored by all official agencies and the authorities http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id=2014-12-18.219468.h&s=speaker%3A24780#g219468.q0

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