Diaries withheld by police hold crucial evidence that could help clear a man’s murder conviction, as they contradict what was put to the jury at the time of his trial. In the second half of a two-part interview, Eddie Gilfoyle says it is ‘disturbing’ that the police failed to answer why the black box, containing his wife’s diaries, was kept by police for 17 years. Part one is HERE.

Eddie Gilfoyle was sentenced in 1993 for killing his heavily pregnant wife, who was found hanged in the garage in June 1992.

But, in 2010 Paula Gilfoyle’s dairies were handed over to his legal team which allegedly show she had suicidal thoughts.

In court his wife was portrayed as a happy bubbly person who showed no sign of suicide, but Gilfoyle said that his wife’s diaries ‘tell a completely different story.’

The Crown were not made aware of this material at the time of his trial and his two appeals highlighting the unsafety of his trial.

Gilfoyle is convinced that if this evidence surfaced at trial they would not of been able to charge him as the diaries contradict everything that was put to the jury.

‘I have been railroaded through the courts, the police have manufactured the case,’ he said.

Gilfoyle said he is ‘sick’ of people having inquiries, when they fail to find answers. ‘I can hand on heart say to you I do not trust one single part of this judicial process it’s failed me at every stage.’

Author: Christina Michaels

Justice Gap reporter and journalism student at the University of Winchester

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