Explosive new evidence has been uncovered by The Times in the case of Eddie Gilfoyle, jailed for murdering his pregnant wife Paula. He was jailed for life in 1993 for murdering his pregnant wife, Paula, by hanging her and making it look like suicide.

Dominic Kennedy in today’s Times report reveals that a locked box containing Paula’s diary and personal papers has come to light revealing a previous suicide attempt and a traumatic past. The jury at her husband’s trial was told that she was a happy, bubbly character with everything to live for.

Alison Halford, the former Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, told the paper it was ‘wicked’ that the evidence had not been made available to the defence as it fought two unsuccessful appeals to clear Gilfoyle’s name. ‘Somebody has been sitting on a box with all this information about her behaviour and dysfunctionality,’ Halford said. ‘This is so serious there has to be an independent inquiry and the Home Secretary must personally involve herself in what has been going on.’

‘The Criminal Cases Review Commission would look foolish not to refer it, and the Court of Appeal mutton-headed not to quash the conviction,’ comments David Jessel, the investigative journalist and formerly a commissioner at the CCRC.

You can read about the Gilfoyle case HERE or www.eddiegilfoyle.co.uk.

You can read David Jessel writing on www.thejusticegap.com.

‘They always come good in the end, these miscarriages of justice, and – inch by excruciating inch – the case of Eddie Gilfoyle is nearing the point where the Criminal Cases Review Commission would look foolish not to refer it, and the Court  of Appeal mutton-headed not to quash the conviction.

I’ve stood in that garage where, one early summer’s evening in 1992, Paula Gilfoyle’s body was found hanging. You never forget a place which has seen sudden death, whether it’s the execution shed of a Texas prison, or the jumble of that garage, filled with Eddie Gilfoyle’s paint-pots and dust sheets, as he and his father worked to get the new house ready in time for the new baby Paula was carrying. ‘



Author: Jon Robins

Jon is editor of the Justice Gap. He is a freelance journalist. Jon’s books include The First Miscarriage of Justice (Waterside Press, 2014), The Justice Gap (LAG, 2009) and People Power (Daily Telegraph/LawPack, 2008). Jon is a journalism lecturer at Winchester University and a visiting senior fellow in access to justice at the University of Lincoln. He is twice winner of the Bar Council’s journalism award (2015 and 2005) and is shortlisted for this year’s Criminal Justice Alliance’s journalism award

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